Sessions at Newport Roman Villa
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Sessions at Newport Roman Villa

Roman VillaThings to see at Newport Roman Villa

• An excellent example of a winged-corridor house from approximately 1800 years ago.
• One of the best preserved domestic bath suites in the country.
• An exhibition of objects discovered at Newport Villa and at other Island illustrating the way of life of the well-to-do farm owner.
• Several superb reconstructions based on the latest archaeological evidence.
• A re-created Roman kitchen in the education room that brings Roman food and cooking to life.
• A Roman-style garden that provides an insight into the wealth of new plants the Romans introduced to Britain.


An educational visit can include:

  • Villa tour (approx 25 mins)

Tours are free to groups of 20 or more, with a focus on the extremely well preserved Roman bath suite.

  • Photo-hunt (approx 25 mins)

Students take part in a photo-hunt quest, searching for items around the villa, identifying items and then sketching them.

  • Education Room activities (approx 50 minutes)

Museum staff will introduce activities and be on hand to give support, answer questions and manage activities. We usually give students the choice of which activities they choose, and encourage them to complete at least 3 activities during the 40 minute session.

The room can accommodate up to 30 students. Activities available include:

Mosaic making

Students can complete design templates using replica tesserae pieces or design a missing middle panel, using inspiration from other pictures of other British designs and clues from the villa. It is handy to have a camera to record student’s designs as tesserae are re-used by each group.

What did the villa owners wear?

A facilitator will give a short introduction on spinning and weaving, demonstrating how to use a spindle and looms. Students can then try on replica clothing and spin and weave their own cloth.

 Kitchen archaeology

Students can investigate what the villa inhabitants ate and the pottery they used by looking at and interpreting archaeological material (original and replica material, including animal remains and pottery sherds). They can learn about foods and cooking practices used in Roman Briton and trading links with the wider Roman Empire.

What's cooking?

The education room includes a reconstructed kitchen, with a raised hearth, quern stone, replica food and cooking equipment.  Students can grind corn and spices and to learn how food was prepared and cooked in Roman times. They can also think about similarities and differences between Roman-British food and that of the present day.

  • Roman Legionary/Celtic Warrior (whole class approximately 40 minutes)

This a session that contrasts the design of armour, whilst dealing with issues of survival of materials and evidence. Students get to try the armour for themselves too! This session can be incorporated into a half day activity session by making some of the other activities slightly shorter.

 Free planning visits

Teachers are encouraged to make a preparatory visit. This is free of charge, and offers and opportunity to complete your own risk assessment. A risk assessment for the site has been produced by the LEA. This risk assessments is provided as “models” only to be adapted by schools for their own use and to meet individual school requirements. To view the form go to Eduwight. More information about the villa is available on the Newport Roman villa website.


Type of visit Length of visit required Cost
Standard visit (museum entry, tour) One hour – one hour thirty minutes Students £1.75; group leaders free
Enhanced visit (museum entry, tour, photo-hunt and education room activities run by museum staff) Two hours – two hours thirty minutes Students £2.50; group leaders free
  • If you are an Island school and want  more information about the activity sessions run at Newport Roman villa e-mail  or  call on  0781 3021486
  • If you are a mainland school and want  more information about the activity sessions run at Newport Roman villa please e-mail or call her on 01983 823433
  • We have limited indoor facilities for lunch. The education room can be made available for groups of 30 or less if it is not being used by other groups. Grassed areas are available outside weather permitting.
  • Please pay the admission charge by cash or cheque on arrival. Cheques should be made payable to the Isle of Wight Council. We do not have credit card facilities. Invoices can be sent by prior arrangement only.